Environmental Policy


At MEZZO we understand that a small environmental footprint equals a large heaping dose of moral satisfaction. At MEZZO it is not about corporate profit, or clever marketing, it is simply the right thing to do. As a new company we have instituted the following measures at the genesis to an ever evolving and very organic environmental ethos.

FACILITY - It was a very deliberate decision to use an existing facility as opposed to build new space to fit our needs. Although easier to build from scratch, we have found a facility that not only can we operate out of now, but can expand into when needed. Avoiding the expense of resources and energy to rebuild.

LIGHTING - All lighting in our facility is long lasting florescent bulbs, consuming and expending less energy.

EQUIPMENT - Whenever possible we have chosen to incorporate quality used refurbished equipment into our production line as opposed to purchasing new. A decision that we feel saves vital resources through the conservation of energy and materials.

FURNISHINGS - We have used re-purposed furnishings and an eclectic mix of existing antiques and used furniture as opposed to purchasing new prefab, hideous, “landscape” furniture full of formaldahyde laden press board and formica. The one exception to this is the cabinets used in our sampling kitchen. Other than this glaring departure we have even used a wood floor that if we had to we can pick up and reuse.

CLEANING CHEMICALS - When possible we use chemicals that are Bio-Degradable, and Non-Toxic to clean our facility.

INGREDIENTS - It is our policy to source those ingredients for our chocolate that are certified Organic, fair trade or both. Currently four out of six of our cacao origins are certified as organic or fair trade. The raw cane sugar we use is certified as fair trade as well. Our goal is that by 2015 100% of our raw ingredients be organic and fair trade.

PACKAGING - When purchasing Mezzo Chocolate direct from our factory store we offer a sealable metal canister that can be reused each time you come back. As an incentive to use this option we will offer a 5% discount on your purchase.